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High Tea Policies

We serve Afternoon Tea and a few other options. Click here to see our menu.
Reservations are required. A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed (subject to availability).  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate walk-ins. It is a good idea to have more than one date in mind in case your first desired date is not available. Please send us a message on Facebook, or call us at (541) 855-4343 to make a reservation. If you are making the reservation please have your guests read these policies as our teahouse is a specialized event center, not a fast food restaurant.
Here is the link to share with them.

Reservation Confirmation:
If you have made a reservation you will get a call to confirm your reservation. Make sure the phone number you give us is a valid number. You can also call us to confirm your reservation. We need to have a final count the day before the reservation. If your reservation has not been confirmed your table may be reassigned. If you call and leave a message that you want to make a reservation
please give us all the details over the phone, that does not mean you have a reservation. Often times people forget to leave their number or we cannot understand the details exactly. When you do leave a message clearly and slowly state your name, phone number, the date you would like to reserve, the time slot and the guest count. We are diligent about returning calls but it is your responsibility to follow up. Remember we are closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. If you call when we are closed we may not get your message until Wednesday. Our phone number is (541) 855-4343
Our seating times are Wed-Sat 9:30 AM, Noon and 2:30 PM. You have your table for 2 hours. You do not need to give us the menu choices on the message as we will get that when we call you back.

Early Arrival:
We strive to have everything ready for you well in advance of your reservation.  If you arrive significantly early though, we may still be preparing and may not be ready to seat you until it is closer to your reserved time.

Late Arrival:
If you are running late please phone to let us know. You have your table for 2 hours and if you are late that will come off of your table time.

Please give us as much notice as possible in the event you need to cancel, but at least 24 hours.  Food is prepared specifically for you and will then be discarded if you have not cancelled with adequate notice. Proper notice also gives us the opportunity to call the next person on our wait list.

We prepare food based on the number of people in your reservation. If your party size reduces, we require at least 24 hours notice.  

​In keeping with our mission to create a place of respite, and because many moms come here to enjoy a bit of child-free time, our minimum age is 4 years old. This requirement applies to infants, toddlers and newborns.  No offense is intended, and we thank you for your kind understanding. We have pots of boiling hot water being delivered to tables, and cups of very hot water sat on tables they do not work well with small children and create safety concerns.

Meal Splitting:
Cost is per person, we do not split meals.

Check Splitting:
For parties of 6 or more we do not split checks.

Kindness is always a good idea. A tremendous amount of love and effort goes into what we do.  Because we are human, mishaps may occasionally occur.  If you find yourself becoming quarrelsome, please stop and pour yourself a cup of tea. In the event that something is amiss, we will do whatever we can to rectify, but civility costs nothing.  

Dress Code: 
Some people like to dress up for Tea Time and some like to come dressed casually. We accept one and all ♥

Gift Certificates:
Yes, we offer gift certificates. Gift certificates are transferable but not returnable. This means they cannot be returned for cash. Gratuity is not included in a gift certificate.

Food Allergies/Dietary Restrictions:
We are not a Gluten Free or Nut Free establishment. We do offer a few options for those who are sensitive to gluten and a vegetarian option. We offer several menu options and at the time of reservation we need to know what each guest is having. You cannot change your menu choice when you arrive.

Opening Gifts:
Please remember our tea tables are small.  Once tea and food have been brought out, there is not much room left on the table. It is best to open gifts at home.

Payment Methods:
We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. We do not accept checks. 

Seating Areas:
Seating is based on the size of your group. We have two dining rooms. Most large groups will be seated in our smaller dining room where we can accommodate larger groups all at one or two tables. You do not get to choose your seat. We will determine where you will be seated. Please advise us if their will be any guests in walkers or wheelchairs so we can accommodate with extra space.

Please have your guests read these policies as our teahouse is a specialized event center, not a fast food restaurant. Here is the link to share with them.