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Pomegranate Green 4oz

Pomegranate Flavored Green: We have taken the finest Chinese Sencha green tea leaves and blended them with pomegranate pieces and rose petals to create this

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Victorian Afternoon 4oz

Victorian Afternoon: A slightly smoky character further complements this vibrant blend of Indian, Sri Lankan and Formosan teas. When brewed, it yields a dark, reddish

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Ceylon 4oz

Ceylon: Our whole leaf Ceylon is a strong tea with a full, almost brisk flavor. Cheericup Ceylon is a unique blend of seven high and

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Assam 4 oz

Assam: Highly regarded by connoisseurs, this tea is produced in the largest growing region in Northern India, Assam. Its pungent liquor brews to a dark-reddish

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China Keeman 4 oz

China Keemun: A full-bodied, yet mellow black tea with a lively bouquet. Keemun is renowned as one of China’s finest black teas, superbly crafted with

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China Yunnan 4 oz

China Yunnan: Cultivated in China’s Yunnan Province, the birthplace of tea, this black tea has a large leaf with distinctive golden tips. It has some

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