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Welcome To The Teapot on Wheels!

The Best High Tea From Medford To Grants Pass

We Are No Longer Serving Breakfast And Lunch, But Call For High Tea Reservations!

Reservations Available Tue - Sat

9:30AM, Noon & 2:30PM

Call (541) 855-4343 For Reservations

Interstate 5, Exit 45A

1754 Rogue River Hwy.

Gold Hill, OR.

The Teapot on Wheels has the best High Tea from Medford to Grants Pass!

Angela Donley

This place was amazing. Staff was beyond friendly, helped make food for my dietary restrictions, the food was delicious, and their tea selection is excellent (I'm addicted to good tea). They have a calming atmosphere with a beautiful view of the river... I cannot reccomend the place enough! I will always go back when I'm in the Medford area. It's right off the highway, so you'll never have to go out of your way to get there. I can't wait to try their High Tea next time!

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Bryan O'Donnell

The fish and chips were amazing! The patty melt was delicious! The clan chowder was a mixture of out of this world and hearty. The tea is fantastic and the service is top notch. Friendly and super service by this mom and pop shop. I will not be going to the coast for fish & chips and chowder. I may stop and get some to take with me. Definitely a new favorite place!

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Patty Utzurrum

Cute little lacy place with very good food and a wonderful high tea. Extensive selection of wonderful teas. A fun place to share some girl time over lunch or romantic evening with a loved one! Beautiful natural setting on the Rogue River.

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Denny & Jan Standing in front of The Teapot on Wheels
Denny & Jan Martinez, Owners of The Teapot on Wheels
The Teapot on Wheels is a Dream Come True for Jan!
The Gals at The Teapot on Wheels

It's About Good Tea, Good Food & Great Fun!

The owner/operators of The Teapot on Wheels, Denny and Jan Martinez, love food, tea and fun! They have worked hard to make The Teapot on Wheels a place where you can get a great bite to eat, or sit down to a lovely cup of tea. Whichever you choose, it’ll be fun!
Jan is a true lover of tea. She shares this love with you through the very best teas served in the perfect teahouse, The Teapot on Wheels. When you step out of the teahouse and into the main restaurant area, you’re served some of the best food you can get anywhere! This is because Denny has a passion for food, and for the smiles he sees on his guests faces!
Located between Medford and Grants Pass, The Teapot on Wheel is the perfect place to stop in for a cup of tea, or a great meal! Our fancy Teahouse is perfect for the daintiest of tea parties; Our large portions in the dining room are big enough for the largest of appetites; And our friendly staff is the best in the business!
I have loved everything about tea for as long as I can remember.
The tea, the china, the linens, the silver, and especially the feeling of joy when sharing beautiful things with beautiful souls. (Truthfully, I would probably drink water from a mud puddle if it were served in a beautiful cup.)

There is something very comforting about sitting around a table that is set with exquisite tea cups and linens that are starched to perfection.

You just may feel like you are on sacred ground, but you are okay with it. And it’s okay that you’re not as starched as the linen napkin on your lap. People aren’t perfect. In fact, imperfections make us who we are. So it is, in a way, counter-intuitive when the imperfect soul comes into such close contact to the near perfection of the tea table. It is as if they both gain something from the experience. The cup gets a little paint rubbed off the handle where the thumb is placed. The silver gives way to fingerprints, and as the starch begins to break down, the napkin is a little less stiff. These items begin to take on “character.” As the tea drinker, you feel a little more hopeful about being “better” or “more polished” and feel a rush of fortitude enter your being. Tea just has a way of doing that. So the tea table and the tea taker need each other. That is my story and I am sticking to it

When you come to The Teapot on Wheels, it is my intent that you will feel a resurgence of hope in your soul.

That you will not be intimidated by the intricate details on the china, or the beauty of the needle work on many of our linens. That when you leave our little corner of the world you will feel refreshed and revitalized from the inside out. To know that you embody the same humanness that worked in the people who crafted the items in front of you. To know that you are worth being served tea in a beautiful cup, simply because you are you! We hope you leave knowing that we enjoyed celebrating you, with your special gifts, your uniqueness and even your imperfections

So sit back, enjoy, indulge, laugh, or cry (but only briefly) and relax.

Don’t worry about splashing your tea on the cloth, or whether the cream or sugar go first. This is your time, your experience, so do it your way! As the tea is poured, let the refreshing come.

 -Jan Martinez

Cooking all my life, I have always loved the art.

Whether for business or pleasure, creating delicious meals, and watching my guest’s expressions when they sink their teeth into something amazing makes my heart leap. From small intimate settings to large events, I have been doing this for nearly 40 years! Do I have a specialty? Not particularly, however, my ethnic background lends itself to some of the finest Mexican cuisine in the valley. Working at DePalma’s Italian Village in Southern California afforded me a wonderful opportunity to learn some amazing Italian and Creole dishes

My Clam Chowder is the best on the West Coast.

I know because I try it everywhere I go and have not found its equal! Yes, it will be on the menu

Our restaurant will be serving dishes with a British flair as well as traditional (but better) American dishes.

Bottom line, I love to cook! I love to cook for 2 or 200. I love to cook and share what I have created with others

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